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Guilty..As Charged    (Big Rick & The Bombers  2005)   Kool Katt Records

Love Will Find A Way    (Big Rick  2003)   Kool Katt Records

Too Much Money   (Big Rick & The Bombers 2002)   Kool Katt Records

Midnight Train   (Big Rick & The Bombers 2000)   Kool Katt Records

Ces't La Vie    (Big Rick & The Bombers 1999)   Kool Katt Records

Red Hot Dancing Shoes    (Jacamo 1998)

These are some of my favorite songs

(Too Much Money CD)

Complaint Dept.

Freakazoid *****


Sugar Daddy

(Midnight Train CD)

Midnight Train

Love My Baby

Lonely Man *****

You Don't Love Me

(Guilty As.. Charged CD)

Guilty As.. Charged

All Night Long

Broken Hearted *****

Won't Hurt Me Again

(Love Will Find A Way CD)

Love Will Find A Way


Please let me know if you would like to purchase any of my cds, and thank you for keeping live music alive.